Create data models that are translated using interoperability standards so data can be exchanged with other healthcare systems. To view sample published data models please click here

Direcht (Digital Records in Health Technology) is our flagship umbrella product aimed at integrated community working.

We have a range of community products available, including :

  • bullet Direcht Data Modelling tool
  • bullet Direcht Child Health
  • bullet Direcht Community Physiotherapy
  • bullet Direcht Patient Portal
  • bullet Direcht Community Midwifery
  • bullet


    A web based modelling tool designed for users with limited technical knowledge.

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    Based on ISO 13606 with SNOMED CT, HL7, Data Dictionary, PRSB and FHIR compatibility.

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    Download models in graph, XML, JSON and ADL formats. Also publish via the web to share and review models.

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    Maps to Contsys, PRSB and dynamically to FHIR models for data transformation and exchange.

Our Pricing Plan and Pricing Tables

  • Free

    Free Trial Version (30 Days)

    Creation of Models

    50 models per month

    1 user

  • Bronze

    £5,000 Per Year

    Creation of Models

    100 models per month

    5 users

  • Silver

    £15,000 Per Year

    Creation of Models

    Review of created models

    500 models per month

    15 users

  • Gold

    £25,000 Per Year

    Creation of Models

    Review of created models

    Publishing of created models

    500 models per month

    25 users

  • Enterprise


    As per organisational requirements

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